About Trademark in India

The Trade Marks Registry in India was established in 1940 and presently it regulates the prevailing law Trade Marks Act, 1999 and their rules to protect misuse of trademarks. Trade Marks Registry provides resources, facilitates information centres and regulates all matters relating to trademarks in PAN India. The purpose of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 is trademarks registrations in the country and ensure protection to the registered trademark for goods and services. This also helps original trademark owners to prevent fraudulent use of their trademark. The main function of the Trademark Registry is to register trademarks which qualifies for registration under the prevailing trademark and their amendment Act and Rules.

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Trademark Registration Form

I hereby declare that information provided in the online registration form is true to the best of my knowledge and I accept terms, disclaimer, and policies by clicking "Proceed & Pay" button.

Enter the name of trademark owner who own the rights of logo or wordmark. Owner can be individual, firm, Company, LLP, Society, Trust and any other legal body permissable under the law.
Select the appropriate type of legal form of trademark registration applicant. Applicant Owner can be individual, Sole proprietor, Partneship firm, Company, LLP, Society, Trust and any other legal body permissable under the law.
Enter complete address of applicant. In case of Individual applicant, provide residential address of applicant. In case of other type of trademark applicant, provide office or registered address of business.
Trademark registration can be applied either for brand logo in the form of image or Wordmark in the text form.
A trademark class defines classification of services, goods and activity. There are 45 Trademak Classes based on different goods, services and activity. Trademark class required to be selected based on business activity of applicant. An applicant can apply trademark under multiple trademark classes by applying separate application for each.
Select the date from which applicant using the trademark to be applied. If trademark yet to be used then select today or future date from which applicant proposed to use such trademark.
Enter mobile number of trademark registration applicant.
Enter email id of trademark registration applicant.

Well Known Trademarks

The legal term of "well-known trademark" first appeared in the 1883 Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property ("Paris Convention"), which sets forth the principles for granting special protection to well-known trademarks.

Well-known trademark as a trademark are widely known to the general public and enjoys a relatively high reputation and recognition.

Under the Recognition Rule, owners of trademarks may apply to either the Trademark Registrar Office or Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) for recognition of their trademarks as well-known trademarks when one of the following needs arises:

» Contesting Registration of Identical or Similar Trademarks
» Requesting TRAB to Cancel a Registered Trademark
» Requesting SAIC to Stop Unauthorized Use of Identical or Similar Trademarks

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